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Car Export.

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We offer to our customers a wide range of new and used products available in the Canadian Market (Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, etc). Furthermore, we offer to our clients a specialized service in the field of transport vehicles such as Medical, Rescue units, Excavation, Public Transport, Limousines, Construction or Heavy duty equipments

Since 1985.

About us

Founded since 1985, our 14 years of experience has brought us to deal with countries all over the world.
We are an export company specialized in the Automotive Industry: cars, trucks, specialized transportation and we are also specialized vendor and a leader in mobile units exportation.


We have the ability to fulfill with credit any of your requests with regards to Ford, G.M., Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, etc. We arrange Transportation and Documentation.

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Our professional and courteous staff is ready to answer as quickly and decisively as possible all of your needs or questions related to the Automotive Industry, Replacement Parts and Accessories.

Exportation d'autos MT
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